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Live Coral

Keeping live coral in a home aquarium is considered one of the pinnacles of an aquarists achievements. Apart from breeding expensive fish for profit, successful reefkeeping can be one of the most rewarding niches of the hobby.

With this comes with high expenses in regards to setup and ongoing maintenance. Unless you have the budget to purchase and maintain high end equipment, you would be well advised not to enter this aspect of the hobby until you are ready financially.

In addition, you need to be committed to a strict maintenance schedule and be well researched on not only your equipment, but water parameters, and how to control them, and of course, your choices of live coral.

A Bubble Tip Anemone in captivity

Given the decline in the planets natural reefs and corals, it is not advised to purchase or collect ANY coral from it's natural habitat. We, like most other good people in the hobby, recommend that you only purchase corals that have been bred in captivity.

Some experienced reef keepers often reproduce and "frag" many corals, some of which are in decline in the natural environment, and this not only helps decrease demand for natural specimens, but also can help towards mitigating further decline.

Many reef keepers who develop proper skills, will be able to recoup a lot of their initial investments in the hobby, by propagating live corals and selling them to other aquarists and even their local fish stores.