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Marine Fish

Keeping marine fish is very different from the more common freshwater fish keeping.

Some of the major differences are the expense, level of knowledge required, and time spent in order to be successful.

The equipment involved is far more technical and requires a sound understanding of use before setting up a first tank or introducing new equipment.

The wonderful Powder Brown Tang

We have an extensive list of fish profiles and how to take care of them below, placed into their respective species category.

Saltwater fish require extremely fine tuned water parameters to thrive in captivity, and any novice to the hobby will learn quickly, the ease in which an entire tanks parameters can skyrocket out of control and kill the inhabitants of the aquarium.

Saltwater fish are generally much better looking than freshwater fish, and their higher price reflects this. Some species can be very expensive compared to what a freshwater hobbyist might be used to, and as previously mentioned, are far more delicate to take care of.