Goby Fish

Goby fish, more commonly known as Gobies, will live in holes or burrows that they find or dig out themselves.

You will often see the Goby fish swim quickly back into its hole when threatened.

Species such as the Dartfish or Dart Goby, will usually be seen swimming around the entrance of their cave.

Another incredible variation of Goby

The odd, yet fantastic, Sleeper Goby

Little is known about the entire species of Gobies. Similar to fish such as Blennies that have long, blunt heads, they often display significantly better coloration.

Gobies use their pelvic fins to provide a suction cup to surfaces and you can see them often sitting or feeding in some fairly odd positions! Goby fish prefer a meaty diet such as brine and mysis shrimp, and will also take live foods.

The gender of the fish is difficult to tell, although it has been noted that certain male species fins elongate during spawning and that they also change color. Eggs are generally laid in a cave/burrow and guarded fiercely by the males.