Freshwater Plants

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Albino Corydoras

The African Water Fern, Bolbitis Heudelotii, is a hardy and robust aquatic fern typically found in the bogs and streams of Africa. It is also sometimes called the Congo Fern as it can be found along the Congo River Basin.

The African Water Fern

The most popular plant in the entire aquarium hobby could very well be the Anubias nana. This is because the plant can be cared for easily and is very hardy. The plant is sometimes called the Dwarf Anubias or the Nana plant.

The common clownfish

Java Ferns, Microsorum Pteropus, is an aquatic fern originating in South East Asia. There are a lot of different variations of the Java fern, with a wide range of plant and leaf shapes.

Magnificent Elegance Coral

Java Moss comes from areas of Southeast Asia, including; Java, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, and the Islands of the East Indian archipelago.

Albino Corydoras

The Brazilian micro sword, Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis, plant has short stems and is commonly used as an aquarium carpet.

Magnificent Elegance Coral

Water Wisteria, Hygrophila difformis, is an easy aquatic plant that won’t require much of your attention to keep alive. Both beginners and expert aquarists use the plant.