Category: Freshwater Fish

Freshwater Fish

Compared to Marine Fish, freshwater varieties are far easier to keep and are more suited towards beginners. They are generally far more hardy and enduring of changes in water and environmental parameters.

There are of course, many different compatibility issues and requirements for each species, and each fish profile on our website will tell you this information.

It is important to plan out any community fish tank setups to ensure compatibility not only between the species, but so that they all share the same, optimal conditions.

The Flowerhorn Cichlid

While most Freshwater Fish species are quite peaceful, species such as Cichlids, for example, can be very aggressive, and as such, should only be housed with compatible tankmates.

Proper planning of your aquascape and plants is also required to ensure you don't wake up in the morning to find your plants have been eaten and that your rocks have collapsed!

Below are the most commonly kept types, and within each page, the many different fish commonly kept in the hobby.